Day 47 in Valhalla

Feb 26

Welcome back to this grand and glorious place that I have chosen to live (this decision may have been a little against my will). And yes I get paid for all endorsements of Valhalla. Today however is grand and glorious in my books for today the infernal, dastardly and evil snow has fled!! This is the day of celebration of our freedom! The reign of winter has been lifted!

This sudden change of scenery is all thanks to the Fairies the small invisible creatures that have been welcomed to this town. With all the hints of magic, the stone tablet brought with it the magic of the fey. (We had the magic of the gods, and the magic of demonic entities previously and they all do different things but this fairy one is the one responsible for the rapid change in seasons)


What the hell is this?! What in the holy Lucifers’ cat’s litter box is that crap doing in the sky? Winter is over, cold is gone and will never come back! I did not sign up to freeze my….. well… bits off. I want the damned sun and to feel the scalding heat of  Tartarus! I did not solve a time loop for this cold wet crappy weather. I refuse to accept this!


Are benches useful in the winter? No they are not, who wants to sit their ass down on a cold as frozen tundra bench covered in snow? I told her to wait to build a bench until the hells of winter have past, but Kali does as Kali pleases. Now this is a bench I would gladly sit in and I am sure that I am not the only resident who feels the same sentiment.


Twiggy with all your psychic powers I would expect that you the evil bird who is plaguing the peace of Valhalla to use your psychic powers to answer your own question. But fine if you are unable to read the psychic waves or energies today than yes you shall have one but only since you said please. Kali has never seen you say that and you talk about about murder.


A scarecrow, that is a very nice touch to Valhalla, It is very clear that our mayor Kali is working very hard on the Landscaping of this town to help it reach gory and be the best it can be. That is what a good mayor should do after all… now when will she see to these insane flowers? They are everywhere…. and maybe some nice paths need to be made now that there are quite a few public works projects in Valhalla now.


And everyone said I was crazy to think that Aliens have visited Valhalla, they are what keeps happening to Beardo, what happened to Anabelle. And look Coco has seen them and is now using them to help decorate her house. Aliens make so much more sense than the angels doing it (angels are asses, but they don’t kidnap people).


I am famous? There is a famous Dorian? Since when? Ummmm well Molly Yes that’s me! I am the one and only famous Dorian and I live here and you live right close to my house!


I know Kali had a whole thing going with their phrases and greetings….. but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t screw with her. Just imagine her talking to Twiggy and Twiggy talks about murder again and bam she says psyduck. Besides both are yellow birds with ‘psychic powers.


Finally I feel like I blend in more, I am no longer Dorian the Great and Powerful I am now Cat man. I just need to get the rest of my costume just wait until Suzy sees this he’s gonna love it (after I promise him I will not eat him).


Coffee…. Brewster I’m sad… I just went home to show Suzy my Cat man hat and Suzy the duck is missing. I knew nothing food could come from Fairies. They steal things they lure people to die, they tell half truths…. they are tricksters through and through!!!


O-M- Goodness! Holy Hanna Montana! Rowan and croque broke up! Croque sold the claw foot tub that Rowan gave him! Rowan’s mom made this!!

Until Next time…Farwell.. I hope Suzy the duck comes home soon… Suzy I love you and miss you!

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