All about Valhalla

Date started: January 10th 2018

Town fruit: Pears

Mayor: Kali

Other residents: Dorian

Ordinance: Beautiful Town

Perfect town status: March 19th –

Current Villagers:

  1. Annabelle — Jan 10 – present
  2. Croque — Jan 10 – present
  3. Coco — Jan 13 – present
  4. Olivia — Jan 15 – present
  5. Mira — Jan 18 – present
  6. Twiggy — Jan 28 – present
  7. Beardo — Feb 8 – present
  8. Molly — Feb 20 – present
  9. Ankha –March 11- present

Villagers who left

  • Jacques — Jan 12- Jan 24
  • Caroline — Jan 10 – Feb 4
  • Al — Jan 10-Feb 28
  • Rowan — Jan 10- March 21


  • Campsite – completed Jan 16
  • Custom sign – complete Jan 17
  • Classic police station – complete  Jan 21
  • Museum upgrade – complete Jan 28
  • Dream Suite –  complete Feb 4
  • Statue Fountain – complete Feb 10
  • Stone Tablet – complete Feb 15
  • Fairytale Bench – complete Feb 19
  • Scarecrow – complete Feb 26
  • Fairytale Street lamp -complete march 4
  • Wooden bridge – complete March 16
  • Fairy Tale Bridge -IP

Fantasy Life 10: A teasing taste of the land of pirates of royalty

And we are back for an adventure but first I had to check yo mailbox cuse it was very aggressive in telling me so.


Well I’m so glad I read that as easier as far travel is I get less crafting materials and who can argue with free


My first steps in port puerto and I have to say it’s looking mighty fancy


I’ll be doing some crafting here I bet with all these shops available to me.


I think I jumped the gun here…. well damn I guess I have to go back and go do this then come back here


I did this one cuse he’s the furthest away from all the others and I like this old man it’s a tad nuts but all the fun people are


See he is the life master he is life goals and my nemesis I want to be him others want to know him


Redefining what it means to be a child king…… anyways I really need to stop letting my mind wander when I see him.. it is just a little awkward since he is a child who has a wife and a child who appears to be older than him.


He’s so small and a child who let him go on adventures at his age Laura is at least 10 and he’s what 8? He’s not a stark so what gives?! How old was he when he even met the queen….. this is getting to a weird turn… anyways…


The so called evil Hughes why does everyone assume scientists are evil? Sure there are a ton of villains with PhDs but still that’s not everyone honest


Oh no not more teenager girl this isn’t the real teenage girl long sullen silences followed by a mean comment followed by another long sullen silence this is the annoying one

Fantasy life 9 Exploration!

That’s right I’m back time to explore and defeat some monsters and soon maybe as soon as next blog I’ll be on my way to a whole new city!


Riding a pony for my very first time! Well it’s just a rental but you know still I can ride horses now


Water fall cave is first with the green gels and the iron deposits!!


And to the elder wood to battle some things and go fishing and collect some bounties too bad I can’t go deeper I wanna die by being in a region I am underlevelled for on my own


Look t that giant fish (and I have to catch it in my fishing life…I have a feeling I have a lot to do…. to get my level ups)


Back to the cave to kill be a frog or five I need to finish up a side quest


Time to explore the west grassy plains


Look what I found! The character customization shop how often will I be here? Probably very little I am not that person that complains “I want to customize my character more than the game lets me” I am more the person who plays the game.


This regions map dragon is a big beak I’m gonna have to kill it one day aren’t I?


I am now an adept wizard and I have nothing left to do but head on the port puerto then level up all my crafting and other skills I think that’s the best.

Happy home designer: 1 let’s start interior design!

Well I had a not so good day and I really just wanted to chill and relax and feel better so I think designing animals houses when they can’t hate it is just what I need


So mostly this will be look at the houses I designed!!! Cuse well it’s hard to design and stop? So yeah!! But I am stating from the beginning so you can watch as what I can do evolve and what I do changes and who knows this might be a more regular thing no idea when I’ll release this either mystery and intrigue!


That is unsettling….


Well you know what I damned well like it. It’s cute but not in your face under stated walls and the floors for a practice house it’s pretty damn good


Time for some real house decorating no more practice

img_8053  img_8054  img_8055

And her house I really like this one it’s forest like we have some colour and tons of books

After Goldie I had to go out and find a client

img_8057    img_8058img_8059     img_8060

I don’t quite like the things he does but I think it looks decent

img_8061    img_8062img_8063  img_8064

New house and a new style and I didn’t have the wall I would prefer so it’s a tad busy but I think it works and yes those are the angles the game chose to show off my room

img_8066   img_8067img_8069    img_8068img_8070

This room was super fun to do!! I got to clash different styles and really play around I can’t wait until I can do more things!

Fantasy life 8 — Talking to Pam!

And we are back at it! The snow and all and I know winter has only been gone for a few days but I already miss it. But the thought of thunder and lightening makes me feel better that and tumbleweeds


Look how pretty it is and the music is a little magical and mystical perfect


It was one long adventure just to get here but Pam I’m here I don’t know why I need to tell you all about my life but here it goes in a really high pitched annoying voice and you bet I’m going off book with this


Guess who did all the talking it wasn’t me that’s for sure


Port puerto is a super fun place to go I can’t wait to get there


That voice feels conflicted about manipulating their friends well sky voice you are that girl that appeared when the butterfly disappeared and I am offended.


Time to craft clothes first I made more than I thought but quite a few need me in port puerto so no level ups for me


Time to craft some wood things!! Mostly I made tools and weapons I have an awesome wand now


Well I can’t wear any of the new armour as a magician, so that sucks…. I was hoping to upgrade and I need more iron. Like a lot more. And snake scales. And time to re-evaluate my life choices (see what I did there?)


I made some potions I still need to make a few things but the store doesn’t sell the materials so all that’s left is cooking before I go adventuring!


I did some cooking and now all I can do is adventure!!! The best part of any game! And guess what that’s next times stuff!!

Day 71 in Valhalla

March 22

Welcome back and there are only 8 days left of March and it’s going to take us quite a while to get through them but fear not eventually march will end, as all things do in the end… (wow I got deep there for a minute)


Well Anabelle with the UFO it is…. 100% cool. The UFO is the coolest thing to have when you read all those Alien style magazines. A+ for making our space guests feel ever so welcome. You are not head of the welcoming committee and no that is not something I just made up on the spot who do you think I am some mayor who makes up arbitrary and meaningless titles to give your life meaning?


I’ve got ya coco don’t you worry, I will hook you up from either the first thing I see in the store or from what I have in my secret store room which of course does not exist (I do have Nintendo Items)


I may buy too many ufos for my villagers…….But I feel like I have to give this to Coco it is the perfect size to replace a bonfire and it will like up her room and really just add to the we love aliens thing we have going on right now. I mean I don’t have to buy it…. but I did.


It’s been a while hasn’t it? Visit 11 according my my records. And Katrina has foretold that we will have visitors from afar be amazed with what they see… she sees that they will never want to leave for this has been deemed the best place ever. The stars are telling her that soon a tribute must be paid or great horror while strike this perfect place.


I have to wait an hour though she’s learning languages with Molly….. I have to admit out of all the things they claim to be doing this I like they are learning and she is making friends. Just what languages are they learning and how can they be learning more than one? Is this a weekly thing they do? Will they master these languages in only one hour?


Look around there are literally trees or fruit everywhere. But sure I can help you out in the sea of fruit and give you a fruit. I shall gift you a perfect pear that ought to put a smile on that face.


Yes.  That’s all there is to it. Yes. Please do say that. Never stop saying that. I really really really think you should always say that. And before you think what if I move and the new town hates it well girl you are never ever ever ever moving (or we will have some bad blood) because right now we have some mad love.


That is a solution not a problem. There can never be too much tea. There is no problem that tea or coffee cannot solve. Trust me, I am not a hero but I am a scientist. But okay I’ll take your solution off your hands to give you the problem of now you need tea.


Can you even ride a bike? Molly I am not judging but can your little legs even reach the pedals? Your legs are just so tiny… I think a scooter is better for you ….. or roller skates or roller blades. I fear you on a bike.


So Jacobs ladder don’t appear every day? Cuse like I still have one…. but this is day three? I don’t know I have never done this before….Well we are still the best place ever!!!!!!!!

Until Next time Farewell

Fantasy life 7 – The plot continues to the nap dragon (to my doom)

And we are back at with the plot there was just so much going on that I felt weird having a giant blog covering several hours of game play that I played over severals (I didn’t have time or too tired it wasn’t days of constant play it was on and off)

So we climbed battled monsters and we found the The champion! He is like the keeper of the keys of the  and he’s mastered every life — he is my arch nemesis.


I have a feeling I need to open this door or might be the giant exclamation mark floating above it. The hints aren’t always subtle are they. That’s okay sometimes I am real dumb and miss it for hours on end and of course everyone will know


It looks so pretty here I love winter and the snow is just perfect


Right I should have mentioned this whole mission had the theme or Hughes is an evil villain


And the princess got it all wrong they are working to help the napdragon and keep her safe from the raging angry dragon. And Hughes isn’t evil. This is why we shouldn’t trust the judgement of a teenage girl


Look an angry dragon will it eat the girl can I let it eat her she jumps to conclusions faster than I make quantum leaps about science or vampires


Nope we just crawled into her nest hoping the paladins will keep her busy long enough for us to deal with her monster babies before she eats us


Now see why can’t I have a pet dragon? And the mama dragon gave me the goddess cog… interesting


Who is this girl where is the butterfly and her snide remarks?!

And the world is about to end or at least reveria is. The doom stones mean the sky is falling… literally. And the end is ny unless I the unwitting hero must save it for no other reason than I’m one of the idiots that live here

What will I be doing next? Telling my landlady all about it. That’s right next up I have to talk to Pam about this because… I don’t know why I just have to okay?

Day 70 in Valhalla

March 21

Welcome back to another wonderful day in March, Dorian returned from where did he say he was… Right Wonderland! And Rowan has left so we are now back down to 9 villagers a number I am comfortable with until I get all the villagers I don’t want to leave.


And now I can stop buying flowers… Valhalla is a town that really doesn’t need flowers in fact one could say we have too many flowers we are in a flower infestation. We have been over run by flowers.


I fell the same, how are you doing now that Rowan has left to be tribute. I personally think you are so strong for knowing how vital it is we have a tribute, and we have something to deliver to Olivia. Stay strong my grouchy frog stay strong.


That sounds delicious count me in tonight you and me your place and we are going to eat far too much of creme caramel and we will both feel sick to our stomachs and it will be so worth it. We can also do it at my place bring the ingredients I’ll have the kitchen.


Beardo and Twiggy…..Well Twiggy sure is getting around town she broke up the power couple for a bit and now she is going after my smarty pants academic bear who indeed does not have a beard.


Someone had to count all of the things I have ever been given and purchased. They had to determine which ones were doubles and not. I feel so sorry for those poor unfortunate souls who had to count up all my crap.


Okay then that’s what I’ll do he has a type writer that types all by itself ghosts…….First we have aliens and now we have ghosts. Okay Beardo has one ghost but one leads to two and two leads to a full on haunting.


Two badges in one day what can I say I always say yes to helping them out. Because if they feel we need to grow as friends they do not want to be a tribute. Besides I like being the mayor they like not the mayor they do not. They like me do you know what they say about Dorian? It isn’t very nice.


What are snooker cards….Seriously Ankah what are snooker cards am I supposed to know what those are? And how do they fit in that bag? Do you have decks is it a game like magic? or is it like hockey cards? I need to know what these cards are and what they mean? please tell me what I am missing here? Clearly something. Unless you are an alien inhabiting her body and the alien doesn’t know the real human world so they used the alien one. I think we need to implement aliens speak human when they inhabit the animal residents of my town.


So that makes day two of being an awesome town. The fruit of all my labours was it worth it? I like to think it is. The town is far from complete but it’s always a good feeling to know that you are making progress.

Until next time Farewell

Persona Q Ch. 22 Non-stop dungeon crawling

That’s right I am dungeon crawling the 3rd and quite possibly final stop of the group date cafe labyrinth


I really do like how this level is less cute and more creepy. I don’t know maybe the whole cute thing isn’t my taste but I like this more spooky feeling more


Okay so I might end up fighting an FOE if I can’t figure this out here is where a game makes me feel like a big old dummy


Called it I’m fighting an FOE so either I’ll lose real bad or I’ll win…. I don’t know about you but I really am hoping for not losing


Well I didn’t lose and no one died which is even better the thing about the FOE battles is they are long they aren’t too hard… sure they are a grind but it’s not a boss battle if it finishes in one turn


It’s that voice again well that seems a little unsettling if you ask me


That might be a quest a doll sitting on a chair all alone holding a a box wearing a blue stone necklace.


Junpei is realizing she is indeed a girl okay


And I am trapped…. I guess I’ll fight it again


So I move towards them they move and a fight…. I go sideways they don’t move at all so I can get around them but I need to make them move

Well I figured it out then got stuck and almost died again and my inventory was full so time to get out of here I think

Persona Q 21 Exploring a new floor

A new floor what will we run into probably new monsters but first I am filling a request


Yup I know since I am in charge of map making I marked it on my map


And there it is the blue heart that’s a different colour from pink


Right it bothered her I think it just triggered her ocd and you know what there is nothing wrong with that it would bug me too

With that being done it’s high time we explore somewhere new!! Time to entire stop three


And yeah it is it’s a tad more sinister like the dark side of love the pain and the potential for disaster the falling part were you land somewhere hard instead clouds. Or I am thinking way too much into this probably. Or not… Romeo and Juliet


Yes if the voice says danger is a head there is danger a head


I thought it was an FOE! Nope just a creepy decoration that might murder me in my sleep


Yeah from that creepy thing on the wall that might haunt my dreams


Okay I was wrong


I have a feeling I’m gonna be dumb and fight this thing…… I don’t know why I have this feeling I just do


No I’m not in a fight I think I have it all figured out but look at this thing they have red eyes everyone knows red eyes are evil eyes

Well I did get past it le gasp and then my inventory got full so I left and now


This doesn’t look good at all and I was right it’s a request….


Okay that sounds really fun

And that is that I did a lot I think next time though all exploration all the time

Upcoming interesting bits

I know what I title no one ever said I was good at them well I have some pretty interesting and possibly big ish news to share!!

What on Earth could I be talking about well I am going to make a revision to my previous statement about the Valhalla tribune since I have found something much more fun to do!

Recently ish I have found a game RPG maker fes, I found a couple play through videos and I thought that’s really awesome a game filled with everything I need to make my own game and what makes things better is there is a free player app. So if I didn’t want to undertake the job of making my own game I can still play games made by others (for free!!)

Watching these videos I realized a couple of things 1) it has been a dream of mine to make a game but with no computer skills or animation or pretty much anything that would indicate I could create my own game (I have the ideas that’s it) 2) I had ideas that could work for a game

So I got go work looking through the ideas I had (I have lots all destined to be a novel or whatever if I ever have the time to write them) and I had one that was complete ish that clearly would have a follow up. Why an idea in hand I set out to adapt it to an rpg style game and you know what? The plot works. Turns out my brain is sorta good at figuring out plot and thinking about hmm how should this play out? Or mm what should happen here and wouldn’t you guess somethings that work for video games do not work for a novel.

So what does that mean? I have part of a game figured out concept wise I have the basics that I’ll probably tweak as I go, but I have a general game plan. I know the sort of areas on the world map I wanna make I have a couple dungeons sorta figured out I have secrets I have the story (probably way more than I’ll ever need). Sounds like I have all the bits needed to start developing this bad boy.

So look for RPG fes updates I want to showcase some games that I find I may not play through them all but I’ll definitely show off the game

As well as once in a while I’ll have updates on my own game maybe even share some of the map and areas and even how the game should play! I don’t know how much of the game I’ll spoil…. but hey you’ll get more than “it’s awesome you should play it” I promise!!

So does this mean the Valhalla tribune is doomed to never exist? I don’t know yet. I think I’ll hold off on it and sit on it put it on the back burner and dust it off later.

And if you are seeing Happy home Designer posts well those are now filler posts for when I don’t have the content I want but it still gives you something!