All about Valhalla

Date started: January 10th 2018

Town fruit: Pears

Mayor: Kali

Other residents: Dorian

Ordinance: Beautiful Town

Perfect town status: March 19th –

Current Villagers:

  1. Annabelle — Jan 10 – present
  2. Croque — Jan 10 – present
  3. Coco — Jan 13 – present
  4. Olivia — Jan 15 – present
  5. Mira — Jan 18 – present
  6. Twiggy — Jan 28 – present
  7. Beardo — Feb 8 – present
  8. Molly — Feb 20 – present
  9. Ankha –March 11- present

Villagers who left

  • Jacques — Jan 12- Jan 24
  • Caroline — Jan 10 – Feb 4
  • Al — Jan 10-Feb 28
  • Rowan — Jan 10- March 21


  • Campsite – completed Jan 16
  • Custom sign – complete Jan 17
  • Classic police station – complete  Jan 21
  • Museum upgrade – complete Jan 28
  • Dream Suite –  complete Feb 4
  • Statue Fountain – complete Feb 10
  • Stone Tablet – complete Feb 15
  • Fairytale Bench – complete Feb 19
  • Scarecrow – complete Feb 26
  • Fairytale Street lamp -complete march 4
  • Wooden bridge – complete March 16
  • Fairy Tale Bridge -IP

Day 67 in Valhalla

March 18th

Welcome back to Valhalla and check out my awesome hat! I may be Scottish but I love this hat! Dorian would kill for this hat, just saying you all want this hat.


Well, I hate to spill trade mayor secrets but I saw to that when we started to pay tribute to Cthulhu. Why do you think we have tributes we have so many great things that could out of the occassional possible sacrifice it’s insane. Why did most modern societies stop?


And my bushes are full grown and look one is in bloom. I didn’t know it bloomed in March. The one on your left blooms in late fall and winter and the one on your right is holly and blooms around Christmas time and that’s all I really know about that blooming time. But I love my beautiful bushes.


Good you better not change his mind I know you care and all but the need of the many out ways the needs of the one. We need this possible sacrifice of Rowan for the good of Valhalla its why we don’t have lots of weeds or cockroaches or the ground doesn’t sprout random giant fissures. All good things.


Too busy doing what?! You are standing her and she is a very short walk away you can’t walk down there to go talk to her and give her the present you think she wants? Seriously? This is why you don’t have good friends.


Before I could even tell her she has a delivery… now I can be a proper detective with my hat?! Talk about best cat ever. She is my favourite Egyptian queen also the most famous.


Ankha gave me a bamboo shoot for that delivery. How awesome is she? Like I think I should start her a tumblr fan page or something but that seems like a whole lot of work and I am already running my blog…. well she gets a shoutout.


And I need to stop leaving my stuff everywhere…. do mushrooms count or fruit cuse I use those to mark my paths right now…..Okay I get it I will pick up my trash and stop using the town as my closet to store furniture and fossils.


Our next public works project, yes I know another time consuming bridge but I want my bridges done. I had them all planned out and I didn’t have to think about where they go.


My bridge locations, I might change the middle one as it’s the default one but I like it. And the bridges really do make transversing Valhalla much easier. I know The bottom half is a barren waste land or so it seems on the map.


No not really there are trees everywhere speaking of I should plant more perfect pear trees. We literally only grow perfect pears we don’t grow normal ones. I would grow the other perfect fruits but we can’t Olivia there are arbitrary game rules at play here.

Fantasy Life 4: Exploration and my TweetTweet!

Wow that title really got away from me there all it’s missing it’s a timey wimey wibbly wobbly ball of stuff…


Something these me I need to talk to her and since I’m on it a story quest the butterfly wants me to. This is where we can ride on ponies. If only it were dragons…..


I think I have to talk to this guy too…. pets!! Ooh!! I can take a pet when I got exploring!!


This is my purple tweet tweet, I was going to go with a purr purr but I can have a tweet tweet because I have the dlc. For the record I am not a woof woof person and would not want one. I named my tweet tweet Siren and my tweet tweet will claw your eyes out


Well I do have a roommate who talks way too much and now my killer tweet tweet.


Who knew a butterfly could be such a book worm (get it lame insect humour… actually worms aren’t insects)


I guess I have to talk to these guys too. I still think it’s stupidly unfair that they have a pet freaking dragon and they don’t even have a life!! Like come on!!


Time to explore all that I can!!!


Well butterfly I did all I could in the easy grassy plains without respawning things to kill on purpose… so yeah. Also I’m so crazy close to mass upgrading all of my skills!!!

But that’s what we are gonna call a future thing that I do. Literally killing time so I can go back to the cave to kill one thing.


Or I’ll start now!! Tune in next time for the rank up extravaganza!

Day 66 in Valhalla

March 17th

Welcome back to a very busy day we have a fishing tourney and a holiday to celebrate and guess which one Isabelle tells us about? She can be so passive aggressive sometimes I just wish I could fire her ass and hire someone else.


And she announces the fishing tourney. Note she says nothing about a special holiday that at the time I had no idea about and was real dumb about for so long.


My bushes are growing!! And they are completing the bridge nicely. I like that. I wish I could move them to be right up close to it but what can you do with growing requirements of trees and shrubs.


And I wanted to see if I could refurbish my trophy so I could get gold and have the others in my catalogue and guess what I have not win on purpose to collect the trophies. I will aim not for gold this time.


And what is? This isn’t for fishing. So there are two things in the town square and what is with this? There is a holiday in March? This didn’t appear last time we had a fishing tourney… Isabelle will go on and one about people leaving and coming and birthdays and new shops but she says nothing about this? And guess what? She didn’t even show up to monitor her picture thing. Lazy pure and simple.


And we got an octopus chair now I think I’m gonna play it real casual until this fishing thing has ended since I don’t wanna win… I want a different trophy this time around


Ankha’s house is so cool I won’t wake her up she looks tired and waking people up is rude. She fell asleep standing up that’s adorable. Although she probably should have fallen asleep in her throne. If it were me that’s what I would have done.


I played it a tad too casual…. but that’s okay I didn’t wanna win anyways and I got my wish. Real well. I took not winning to the max and an art form. And I really don’t like the horse mackrel fishing tourney… they are all small fish and it’s hard to fish for them.


Well you didn’t tell me to come so how was I supposed to know that I was supposed to show up here?! Huh? Where was the announcement to meet you hear for some holiday?! And she wonders why I want her to be fired. Guess what you are not getting vacation pay (I only pay her in coupons I find the bogo ones to be the most soul sucking).


Oh it’s shamrock day of course I didn’t forget…. I’m here aren’t I? And if you didn’t want me to forget about… what the hell is shamrock day anyways? Well If you wanted people to come and not forget you should have made an announcement you make all sorts of useless ones this would have been a useful one. I know strange and alien to you.


I’ve got a new hat! I might give this to Dorian to lift his spirits about Suzy, the duck may not have been real but the feels are real

Fantast Life Ch. 3 – Plot!

There will be plot and there will be cute clothes and more!


Now that I have the complete cute outfit time to progress with plot. What a girl has to have her priorities and cute clothes sometimes are just a must. img_7711

I did it I finally decided to talk to the butterfly who has been waiting for ages for me to talk to them… and boy can this insect talk…. something about a meteor shower I sense this butterfly is not just a butterfly.. well it can talk. And the voice that talks on the white screen what is that all about img_7712

Excuse me good sir me sky what the hell is this shit?! A giant rock hitting my roof? I was sleeping in there I could have died you jerk face!! And so we startimg_7713

Something filled with plot this way comes… I bet that stone has something to do with it


Dude I don’t want it…. just fix my roof


Oh these two are back so are they gonna steal it forcing me to play the hero card and go get it… did anyone ask me if I wanted to be the hero? Did anyone bother to give me the choice. Nope I’m a silent protagonist…


Called it they steal it and I’m gonna have to go get it back


See the butterfly is gonna make be all good and go get it… seriously there should have been a moth or a butterfly. Choose your path I like that more I’m more of the watch the world burn from the stupid mistakes of the humans than help them…. not crash and burn


So who wants to bet the are in there not a good hiding place if you ask me… the sign sorta gives them away you know


A dragon?! I want a pet dragon how did he get one and I can’t?! What sort of game is this where the villains have cooler stuff

The stone is making it all shadow and attacking people so I break the stone and it turned pretty and the dragon turned too cute… I liked the dragon when it was all shadows


My roof is patched up isn’t that good

And with that we have concluded chapter 1 in the tale of lunares.

Day 65 in Valhalla

March 16th

Half way through march and this will not be uploaded anytime close to march. That’s okay. Who needs things to be released in real time anyways (life would be so different if I could stream) Anyways enough of that welcome back to Valhalla the great and glorious!


And I start off my day being asked to catch a butterfly… Umm sure Beardo I can catch you a fairly common bug now if you wanted a mole cricket you are out of luck I hate those damned bugs. I really really do. They make noise and take forever to dig up and don’t really have that good of a pay off.


That’s a weird thing to advertise but sure okay I’ll come on over and hang out with you. If you try to murder me I have the right to try and murder you right back and I have an axe and a shovel. You will make okay fertilizer for the fruit trees. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Right… the fishing tourney…. I totally forgot thanks Molly. And you can bet your lucky duck butt that I am so ready to catch a big one. If I want to win it’s on like Donkey Kong.


I’m surprised too. I honestly thought this place would have killed me a whole lot sooner you know? The time loop thing is weird the whole being in our own time zone that is asynchronous to real time is just disorientating and and I am starting to feel like someone with a face cam and no one is even watching. You know those people who are all hey guys it’s like how do you even know people are watching you?


Sure thing I think something like ummm I don’t know yet okay? You sort of put me on the spot demanding that I help you figure out a better way for your to say hello people. I’ll think of something…. Give me… 7 minutes and 43 seconds.


It is sassy, it is very clear that you love tea and it took me far more than 7 minutes and 43 seconds to settle on it so at this point I really just needed something.


Ummm your not psychic are you? No Twiggy is the murderous psychic yellow person. Well I dropped by to say hi how are you in the hopes you find that you are overwhelmed by the desire to move on and see the world or you feel that this town has just gotten stale or you and it go together like oil and water and by that you mean not at all. But alas you did not do any of the above.


And today we celebrate the bridge that took a really long time to build because I want to save the secret mayor money and I have been too tired and busy (living many lives battling shadows and once in a while farming I live a very active life its exhausting).


And the bridge looked a little plain so I did a little landscaping, but that I mean I planted some bushes and a tree I’m not sold on that tree…. I’m thinking a cedar one instead… let’s see when it all grows up.


Look at how Beardo is looking at her….. aliens bitches. End of story of that one.

Persona Q: Ch 18 – I better be on to Group Date cafe Stop 2

Don’t worry I am! I swear


See it can’t be familiar from stop one if that’s where I am so…. we all know that I am on stop 2.


Oh yeah I remember that last damned door that killed me dead I died at least twice on the same damn floor how embarrassing I wish I was sharing my game progress for the world to read… oh wait shit… too late now.


Well that makes things much more interesting at least when I die it’s not from doing something like blowing myself up, at least there is that. Small dignities are…. necessary


That would get me down too… well turns out she’s all sad over meat jelly… umm am I supposed to know what that is… is it just me or does that just sound gross? Anyways she thinks yosuke stole it but he thinks it’s gross so now umm we have a thief in our group and yup that’s a request I get to do later. Cool beans


Your telling me I’m going every where to fill out the map and make sure I have the moving floors going in the right way so don’t go telling me this is tiring


That voice is getting really creepy and I went the complete opposite way to explore more. Haven’t we learned by now that between progression and exploration I always explore first? I’m that annoying person who talks to everyone in Pokémon side note in Pokémon moon I was not disappointed


Poor teddie he just wants Reis butt


33% percent and I have literally nothing to do but plot progression… well I suppose I can do that now… that I found treasure and secrets. Look at all those moving floors that I marked out.

And at 46% my bag was pretty much full so that was the sign to head back sell my stuff get new weapons and try some persona fushion. Tune in next time for more dungeon crawling and huzza! We are DONE with stop 1 for real!!!

Persona Q Ch. 17 – Finishing Group Date Cafe Stop 1 or die!! (I just might…again)

I was salty when I wrote that title and I stand by it!! Despite the salt I love this game. I would be bored if I could just breeze on through…

alright so I think I’m very close to the end of the map… yeah 91% and right?! The asshole rocks that gang banged me!!! And the asshole snakes I need snakeskin from!! Alright I’m all caught up


Yeah see this is why I got all salty look at her level aigis the robot made to fight shadows with personas and because I have been causally watching a persona 3 play through I know why she’s a robot made to look human so she will have a uh human mindset and can summon personas.


Well aigis you don’t remember this cuse when I die the game restarts a mechanic I loathe like the grinch loathes the who’s of whoville alphabetically. But I already did this and i chose not to check every damn wall 8 times


First snake damn straight now I guess I might as well turn these in to get some exp to help aigis level up sweet jeez I know I can switch her for shinji but he’s so damn slow and I want a change…..


Yeah I know so what do you do for petrification Rise miss likes to yell at me that people are all petrified as if I don’t know while I’m trying to fight crap


Stupid bitch rocks are dead serves them right


Look at that 100% I can now go open the 100% chest and get some goodies!! On to stop 2 about damned time!


So now I can enter the labyrinth at stop 2 now go back and get the chest and next time we will start on stop 2!!


I uhh just wanted to do some fusion so you know I can have new personas and be able to get more from battles


Well I found a piece of paper with a poem on it and it was good I’m not a poem person but damn I liked it. And Marie Is pissed.

Day 64 in Valhalla

March 15th

Welcome back to the wonder and sunny Valhalla! Who will be a victim of the body snatching aliens? Who will be murdered? Only time will tell.


I’m just doing my rounds and yes I know and I told him to go spread his wings live his dreams so don’t you go telling him anything different from that! I work very hard to make this the wonderful place to live that it is, I am dealing with the aliens thing. But look we have a new bridge!


And damn this bridge is looking nice. I truly love this bridge and I may be tooting my own horn but I placed it perfectly. Anyone who hates on my bridge will be terminated, by Twiggy. Or the aliens. Whichever comes first.


Well that’s a tad passive aggressive if you ask me. And Mira you will never outshine me I am the mayor I automatically win. I will live here indefinitely and you… well you will eventually move on and trust me no one will miss you. I will make sure to erase all memories of you.


Ooh pretty I can’t wait….Pink leaves and cheery blossoms floating in the air it has been a dream of mine to visit Japan during the Cherry blossoms. So umm one quick question do fruit trees count? If not I’m gonna have to go ham with planting  non fruit trees (and not the cedar ones).


Welcome to Valhalla we are ever so happy that you chose our humble town to camp in, but we do not have any room for any new villagers. So as much as we would love to have you in your… pink/purple glory your application to move in has been denied. Feel free to reapply in the future. And we hope you enjoy your stay!


Oh you know the usual…. Contemplating the meaning of life…. planning the perfect murder…. and trying to solve the alien body swapping issue… It’s not all bad but I just want some way to know who has been body swapped.


Of course Molly I can hook you up with some fruit, don’t you know Valhalla grows a wide range of fruits from apples to pears. And you my dear will get to taste the glorious perfection of perfect pears our towns specialty.


Yeah Twiggy that is so cool that you have kept that letter and all… but umm I have a feeling that you didn’t actually read it and you didn’t listen to it. So that is really cool that you can’t read a simple letter. So since you kept it does that mean you are gonna listen to it?


You have a tiki torch that’s so cool I have never really need inside your house after the boxes…. I really wanna see your house invite me over or be home when I am around so I can see it! You are a goddess I bet you have a goddess worthy house.


A cream soda seminar with Rowan sounds like a weird lie…And you want to do is in the mountains during spring. Sounds like cover for a date or something far more sinister. Well he is moving so I think he is safe from whatever it is you are planning.

Fantasy life 2: I have many lives and an awesome hat!

Well I went to bed and woke up on the floor again I really need to learn how to sleep in a bed… and well now the butterfly is leading all the things I do..


Like the goddess statue the butterfly wanted to come, and now gramps is going to tell us the story of the goddess, the grand land fell into corruption and decay no one did any work and there was fighting a real bad time the goddess heard their wishes and got tired granting all of them so she made a way for the people grant each other’s wishes now they didn’t need her to grant wishes she also did the making the lives thing


I started a bunch of lives so now I can see cool fish make potions and so on I was originally going to start two combat lives but I think I’ll spread those out


They are all at fledgling and now I can progress with the story of picking up side questions


The butterfly wanted to go visit the general store and she sampled everything and we even got a few freebies. I want the teddy bear.


Time to explore!! Finally let’s go battle some things collect things fish!! And mine and chop down trees… everything but fight the nap dragon when a game tells you not to it’s usually a good idea to listen…. I have a feeling it’s gonna wreck me. So I’ll wreck it later when I’m not so squishy

I hunted down beasties and did all really could to finish side quests and junk before moving on plot wise. I did tons of crafting. I love how crafting is a cute little mini game. So most of my life quests (to get stars) are complete and a decent chunk of side quests (money and free stuff) are done so all that’s left is deal with butterfly quests (to get bliss to unlock perks or a bigger bag or a pet fun perks)


Look at my hat. It has a whole outfit that I need to make. I still might craft it before I venture forth. Mages are squishy. And being squishy I need all the help I can get… so at least decent clothe armour while I get the animal hide…

Anyways flutter really wants to talk next time let’s figure out what she wants!

Day 63 in Valhalla

March 14th

Welcome back to Valhalla the one town where aliens are constant and welcome visitors. They are all part of our booming tourism industry (just don’t tell Isabelle). And the weather today is cool and peaceful as it is raining, to relax and enjoy the sky pee.


I personally am in my own personal Nirvana when it rains. The music is soothing and the sounds are magical. The ground even squishes when I walk on it. And the rain just feels good when it hits your skin.


So not an equal trade some shirt but fine if it helps you move out… and look Ankha be looking at me like I’m cray cray well she’s not wrong on that one. It is a crazy deal to agree to a sapphire for a shirt. That is so not fair trade.


I feel ya… except its backwards I feel the same way about the sun it shines so much and so damned bright that some days I swear it will never go away and I would like to do nothing more than to just hide inside and wait for it to go away. Do you know how rude the sun can be shining in peoples eyes blinding them, at the worse times, and with that bright yellow colour and worse of all it blinds those that look at it. It’s like hey look at me I am all bright and yellow, psych now you are blind!


Wow see this is why you are perfect for an always villager of Valhalla. You love it here and you say nice things about the town. It was worth every minute that I spent trying to woo you and make you want to live here. And look no regrets.


That was her weird way of saying I wanna come over to your place…. psycho much. I have a golden axe and a shovel and I know how to use them. Right and I have a secret store room.


Rain also makes the world sound pretty and everything smells good. You and I agree on the wonders of rain. This is why I keep you around, but that does not secure you as an always villager of Valhalla.


Love her face and I know the perfect thing to get her…. I believe it is a tea set. This is something that every alien will love. Or has the alien body swapped her back and that is why she wants to rid herself of the water bird? This whole alien body switching thing is going to give me a headache.


A present for Ankha I bet she’s gonna love it if not well I blame you Mira for making me give it to her. If this drives her to want to move out because you are… you I will feed you to to my octopus demon friend or worse let Dorian take you down to… where he is from and have his play time with you.


Ha! She hates it!! I knew it. Well that is Mira… for you. And she does not want to move out so win win.


Sure thing Molly I don’t mind helping you bury your time capsule. And when you are ready I will dig it up and bring it right back and of course I would never read it.


My bridge is paid off did I go into my secret bank account filled with millions of bells yes I did (only for the last 40000 so really it’s not that bad)

Until tomorrow… Farewell